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Development path


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Development path

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The factory was established in Suzhou in 1993

The Litec FC board was put into production in 1994

The products were upgraded to calcium silicate board in 1999

In the second-half of 1999, the company has successfully developed calciumsilicate functional small ceiling board and it is the first in theindustry. And alsothe board has been launched on the market inthe same year

The first automatic production line of small ceilings was developed in2000 andit was the first one in the industry

A factory in Huzhou was invested and established in 2004 theupdatedequipment from Japan was introduced into the factory

The products were upgraded completely without any asbestos since 2007.8The supporting material such as stoving varnish and lightgage steel joist waslly provided in 2009

The Versatile Multi-function Board ceilings and low-densityes energy-savingboard was developed in 2012

The panel was established in 2013, so that the professional suspendedceilingas well as the solutions of partition spaces can be provided andcustomized

Wel-designed lay. in ceiling boards with good production technologyhasproduced and launched to the market in 2015. Itis also an innovative areaforcings

In 2017. we added 9000-ton press machines to support thehighendautomated press systemfor the productionof highdensity wallpanels

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