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Rhythm Multifunctional Ceiling Hearing Rhyme


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Rhythm Multifunctional Ceiling Hearing Rhyme

Size:595*595mm 603*603mm 595*1195mm 295*1195mm Thickness:7.0-12.0mm Can match other specification
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  Versatile multi-function board is a small ceiling system which is developed under the basis of ES energy saving board. The surface of the materials has the decorative effects such as stereo-embossing, empaistic, sand blasting, and perforating, as well as semi-perforating, printing, and surface-folding. The ceilings have the features of light, sound absorbing, sinking-resistance, fire-prevention, damp-prevention, anti-dust and rich decoration. It is those features that makes the Versatile Multi-function Board becomes a board with all-round functions in the market. If you use joist systems which are recommended by Teralong, the quality of the boards will be more highly guaranteed

Recommend to be used in such places

Commercial buildings—5A level office buildings, five-star level hotels, entertainment places and department stores etc.

Industrial buildings—plants, offices etc.

Residential buildings—residential home, villa, repair and renovation.

Public buildings—hospitals, theatres, bus stations, schools, airports and train stations.

Keel Options recommended

Plain coating joists with narrow edges

Groove joist with white/black lines and narrow edges.

Note: The use of the supporting system enjoys 35 years of quality assurance.

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Material: ES energy-saving boards

Surface coating: acrylic latex coating

Fire prevention performance: A level

Noise reduction coefficient: NRCO.25---0.60 (GB/T20247-2006)

Density:0.5-0.8g/cm3 (GB/T7019-1997)

Moisture content: ≤12% (GB/T7019-1997)

Thermal conductivity on average: ≤0.2W/mk (GB/T10294-2001)

Environmental protection performance: asbestos free, non-radioactive


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