The Growth of Tairong Building Materials

Terarng Advanced Building MaterialsIn 1993, it originated from Taiwan Chemical Board Co., Ltd. established 60 years ago. After years of continuous innovation and scientific research efforts, Tairong Building Materials has gradually transformed from a simple ceiling and partition wall material supplier to a professional ceiling and partition wall system supplier. While continuing to provide high-quality ceiling and partition wall materials to the market, increase the supply of system supporting materials, and provide or customize more targeted and professional ceiling and partition space solutions to the market. Tairong Building Materials will continue to provide more beautiful, healthy and exquisite professional ceiling and partition space solutions through various aspects of R&D and innovation in product technology and application.


Tairong Production Base

In May 2006, the Huzhou production base was officially put into operation. It was built by the US GoldenT. Fireproof Materials Group with an investment of US$17 million. The base covers an area of 100 mu and introduces advanced production equipment and technology from Japan to realize a fully automated production line. The successful production of the Huzhou production base of Tairong Building Materials Co., Ltd. has enabled Tairong to provide better ceiling and partition products to the market faster, better and more professionally. At the same time, it further enhanced the competitiveness in the market and better consolidated the position of Tairong in the field of ceiling and partition wall panels.

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