With the purpose of saving earth resources and caring for human health, Tairong Building Materials will provide advanced products and services for the market, and contribute to the development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials in China and the world:

To save the earth resources and environmental protection as the criterion, actively promote and develop new building materials;

Formulate business policies from the perspective of long-term development of sustainable management and clarify development goals;

Adhere to high quality and abide by the commitment to build the reputation of the enterprise;

The talents of the staff can be brought into full play by measuring their talents, training talents with practical work, and establishing a closely united working team;

Cost reduction with high level of process technology and less waste;

Thorough value analysis runs through the whole process of product design, improvement, production and service;

Focus on practicality in product development and guide customers to apply economical and high-performance building materials;

Less environmental and safety load, equipped with suitable production conditions to manufacture products;

Continuously develop new markets to ensure appropriate market share;

Continuous learning and enterprising, with courage, innovation, credibility to obtain and maintain competitiveness.

Tai Rong